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December 29, 2013: Backwoods Phoenix

While in Phoenix, the wife and I decided to get some quality time together, so we left the boy with his Grandma 7 and took a drive out into the wilderness.  We trekked to a secret, undisclosed location, arriving around 1p.  It was an absolutely perfect day, about 75 degrees, a strong breeze blowing, and nothing but singing birds and rustling eucalyptus leaves. The wife wrote while I painted and we only took a break to snack on the last three Reese’s Christmas Trees we had and share a bottle of Coke Zero.


The wife said this is her favorite one so far, but I think that’s just the Reese’s trees talking.


December 18, 2013: Dam it!

We’re back in Phoenix for Christmas, and Dad and I had the chance to paint near the Adobe Mountain Dam.  We hiked 1.25 miles before we found the right spot, which also means we had to hike 1.25 miles back to the car…

But it was worth it.

We were on our own for all four hours; not one person walked by.

001I have to admit, though, the painting I got out of this trip was dam fine work.

FromRyan'sPhone_12-23-13 047What is most precious about this experience is that I was finally able to tell my dad what I’ve always wanted: “Quit taking breaks and wiggle that brush!”