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December 21, 2013: Up to Prescott

On the Saturday before Christmas, Dad and I took a drive up to Prescott (pronounced “press kit”).  The high was 56 degrees, a little chilly for landscape painting, but we braved the weather and planted ourselves right in the main square.

To be honest, we went into the Palace Saloon first to grab a hot chocolate before setting up.  The Palace is known for providing libations to such Wild West characters as Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, and Big Nose Kate (who is buried in Prescott).

Below is a photo of the square from the steps of the courthouse.  If you look to the left of the Rough Rider statue, you can see where we set up.  That statue and the courthouse are  over 100 years old.InPrescott_12-21-13

We got there around noon and painted until it was dark, then packed up and headed back to the Palace for dinner and a pint.  It was a great day.