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August 1, 2016: Dolores Park Picnic Panic!

I finished my MFA on Friday, July 29, 2016 and after all the work, the fourteen-hour days and interpersonal development, nothing sounded better to me than spending the entire weekend painting. There was going to be a class picnic the following Monday and I thought, “I’ll get my painting in Saturday and Sunday and just spend Monday shmoozing and hanging out…”

And then on Friday night, my friend asked if I would help him seal his concrete garage floor.

That sounds easy, right?

By Sunday night, I had outrageous blisters and hadn’t painted a stroke, so there was nothing for it but to bring my paints to the picnic.

I settled into the crook of a large tree and, except for the constant smell of burning marijuana, it was a lovely time.


A huge thank you to Matt Silady for recording my progress!

PleinAir_DoloresParkI gave the finished painting to my friends as a thank you for letting me stay at their house for an entire month! Couldn’t ask for better friends, although I’m kind of hoping that the next time we hang out, we can avoid blisters. I think we’ll just get a pizza.