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December 18, 2013: Dam it!

We’re back in Phoenix for Christmas, and Dad and I had the chance to paint near the Adobe Mountain Dam.  We hiked 1.25 miles before we found the right spot, which also means we had to hike 1.25 miles back to the car…

But it was worth it.

We were on our own for all four hours; not one person walked by.

001I have to admit, though, the painting I got out of this trip was dam fine work.

FromRyan'sPhone_12-23-13 047What is most precious about this experience is that I was finally able to tell my dad what I’ve always wanted: “Quit taking breaks and wiggle that brush!”

December 14, 2013: A Day at the Beach

My sister is in town, so we made a trip down to a new spot in PV.  As I was setting up my painting paraphernalia, my sister, wife, and the kiddo decided to take a walk and leave me to the sun and waves.  It was an absolutely perfect day.

ADayinPVDefinitely feeling better, and hopefully the painting is proof of that.  I, and the many friendly people who stopped by to say hello,  didn’t think I was going to be able to pull this one off, but in the last five minutes, the whole painting came together.


Made it out of this one alive!

December 8, 2013: Beware Polliwog Park!

“No, no… it’ll be fine.  I’ll take some DayQuil.  And sure it’s a windy day, but it couldn’t be that cold.  I mean, it’s still in the 50s.”

Famous last words.

On Sunday, we took a jaunt down to Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach to paint the oldest house in MB.  It was built in 1905 and was originally a beach cottage nestled in the sand dunes.  It was moved to the park in the 70s.

Funny enough, it turns out that the house was moved into a frisbee-golf area.  One would think this would make it a dangerous place to keep a 100 year old house, but it also turns out it is an incredibly dangerous place to paint, or jog, or walk, or visit.


All this to say that the frisbee golf, the lingering illness, the wind and the DayQuil all conspired against me and this composition is not what it should be.  But who knew the sun set so early?



November 24, 2013: Back to PV (Round 2 – FIGHT)

Hyeg and I had such a great experience up in PV last weekend, we decided to go back for Round 2.  This time, the wife and kiddo were with us, and the four of us wandered until we found “the perfect tree.”

The Perfect Tree

Is that a stunning view, or what?  Yep, that’s Malibu off in the distance…

We got there at 2p and stayed until it was nearly dark.  Our setup was a little less dangerous this time around, and a lot of people stopped by to see what we were up to.

OurSetup_11-24-13We were both pretty happy with ourselves today.


November 17, 2013: Painting in Palos Verdes

On November 17, my friend Hyeg and I went up to PV to paint.  It was a  crisp fall day, but there was a surprising number of people who had ventured out into the sunshine.  The park we went to overlooks the ocean.  The vista is amazing, with views from the tip of Malibu to the Hollywood sign to downtown L.A. and all the way over to Redondo Beach.  It is the perfect place for plein air.

When scouting for a good vantage point, we decided to stay close to the parking lot (a logistical decision more than anything).  Even so, we had some great views of the cliffs and city.


We picked a precarious spot; Hyeg had only two feet of cliff before a rather sudden drop.  I, on the other hand, was safe and in the perfect position to watch Hyeg fall if he slipped.  Needless to say, he kept very close to his easel.