December 8, 2013: Beware Polliwog Park!

“No, no… it’ll be fine.  I’ll take some DayQuil.  And sure it’s a windy day, but it couldn’t be that cold.  I mean, it’s still in the 50s.”

Famous last words.

On Sunday, we took a jaunt down to Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach to paint the oldest house in MB.  It was built in 1905 and was originally a beach cottage nestled in the sand dunes.  It was moved to the park in the 70s.

Funny enough, it turns out that the house was moved into a frisbee-golf area.  One would think this would make it a dangerous place to keep a 100 year old house, but it also turns out it is an incredibly dangerous place to paint, or jog, or walk, or visit.


All this to say that the frisbee golf, the lingering illness, the wind and the DayQuil all conspired against me and this composition is not what it should be.  But who knew the sun set so early?



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