June 17, 2016!?: Low Oxygen Painting

Have I really not landscape painted in two years?? Well, let’s get to it!

One of the lesser talked about benefits of getting married is inheriting new family. In June, we went up to Big Bear, California to visit my wife’s aunt and uncle, and with three adults to watch the kids, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get some landscape painting done.

There is nothing like the threat of failing in front of loved ones to motivate a person, so I hiked up to the top of the closest mountain overlooking Big Bear Lake and got set up.  IMG_1536

My first thoughts were, “How do I do this again?” and “Why is this canvas so big?” Not having painted in so long, I kept telling myself, “Get it all laid in! You don’t have TIME!”

It might have been the lack of oxygen up there, or maybe it was the peaceful surroundings, but I managed to calm down enough to remember the process. And if we’ve learned anything from bumper stickers, it’s that the worst day of landscape painting beats the best day of work!  I mean, I think that’s a bumper sticker.  If it isn’t a bumper sticker already, it should be! Anyway, all in all, I managed to turn out a nice little, uh, big painting:


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